Skill & Vocational Training


Skill & Vocational Training

Aside from our educational programmes, Deeds conducts various skill training and vocational courses in Mumbai. These courses include catering, tailoring, computer skills and hospitality. Our students are trained with the correct skills and workplace behavior to prepare them for any self-sufficient job in the above fields.

DEEDS Catering Institute

Started in 2007, this one of a kind institute has been training students in cookery and commercial food production. It offers one-year training in culinary skills and imparts upto 135 recipes to young Deaf adults to make them professionally competent. Students are taught various cuisines, hygiene, soft skills and larder science.

The course is certified by the Maharashtra State Vocational Board and headed by Ms. Sharda Pargal, a celebrity teacher and author of several cookbooks. On completion, the students take a theory and practice exam after which they are placed as trainees in professional kitchens around Mumbai. Taj Group, ITC Maratha, Hotel Sahara Star, and JW Marriott are some of the professional kitchens our students have been placed in.

DEEDS Computer Literacy Programme

Recognising the need for computer literacy in today’s world, the Deeds computer center offers free training in basic computer skills to young deaf adults. The course is designed for the deaf and taught by a deaf teacher. Along with computer training, the course integrates some English and soft skills to enable the students to become part of the workforce and it follows mainstream society. We understand the need for hearing impaired children to start learning computer skills at a young age. Hence we have started a basic computer course across three centers in schools for deaf children in Mumbai.

DEEDS Vocational Tailoring Programme

Since 2008, The tailoring unit set up in Dehradun provides basic training in tailoring skills to the deaf students, supporting them to take up tailoring as a future livelihood option. In 2009, Deeds set up its own tailoring unit for Deaf women in Mumbai. At the end of the course the students are able to stitch any garment fully. We provide the families of these students with the option of participating in the programme as well.

In addition, we sponsor other tailoring vocational centers in other schools for the deaf in Mumbai. A lot of young Deaf women showed tremendous initiative in learning the trade so could then set up small businesses from the confines of their own homes with getting sewing machines from DEEDS donors!

DEEDS Housekeeping, Retail and Hospitality

Initiated in January 2019, the DEEDS Housekeeping, Retail & Hospitality is a 2 months course pertaining to Pre-kitchen area preparation, F&B Services, Inventory, Stock taking, Packaging etc. It includes a module on Work Readiness Program teaching employment etiquette.

The key objective of this programme is to give professional training to Deaf youth free of cost in Hospitality, Retail & Housekeeping to make them proficient in the trade and thus making them employable. After the training is completed the deaf youth are provided suitable placements in allied industry by DEEDS.

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