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Deaf Education
is Expensive?
Train & handholding of parents
Early identification and intervention is key for the success of any Deaf child. The training of parents needs to start very early, so that the child does not lose crucial early years of learning. The institute appoints trained professionals to train the parents.
Training cost of educators
Special educators registered with Rehabilitation Centre of India (RCI) are needed to teach the Deaf. Besides, the teachers need to be trained in the ‘Indian Sign Language’. Regular and continuous training is provided at the institute after the teacher’s regular teaching hours. Therefore, there is an additional cost of hiring trained instructors.
Audiology requirements
Students with partial hearing use hearing aids. Apart from the cost of the hearing aids, the institute has an in-house audiology department and has appointed a well-trained audiologist to meet this need.
Speech therapy
Speech therapy helps partially Deaf persons to identify sounds which plays an important role in their safety, besides boosting their self-confidence. We need to regularly co- opt new technologies to provide speech therapy to students. Software used for providing speech therapy are expensive.
Trained Psychologist
Deafness is a double disability and hence has a major psychological impact on the Deaf and their families. Regular counseling sessions of the child, parents, siblings and their extended families is crucial. The institute hires psychologists trained in Indian Sign Language.
Indian Sign Language training
The institute has adopted bilingual method of teaching the Deaf. It helps Deaf children acquire greater vocabulary, unlike the oral method (i.e. lip reading) of teaching. Sign Language classes are required not just for students and teachers, but also for the family of the Deaf child. We need to incur the additional costs of hiring trained instructors.
Students teacher ratio
Deaf literature recommends a teacher student ratio of 8:1 unlike the hearing schools where one teacher manages 40-50 students in one classroom. This implies appointing more teachers for impactful education.
Retention of experienced teachers
Training of teachers is key to the progress of a child. Retention of teachers requires paying them better emoluments.
Visual Learning
Deaf children are visual learners. Visual learning experience for the child requires the use of interactive Smart Boards. These require not just the initial expenditure of the purchase of boards, but also an annual charge for software packages.
Online classes
The Covid 19 pandemic forced the students to study from home. Many parents were unable to provide laptops or smart phones to their wards. Funds were required to procure tablets for such students. Tablets were also required for teachers. In addition, there are costs of recharging SIM cards for a few extremely poor students.
“Work I must for the common wheel
And the way to achieve is by effort and dispatch
To this end I toil
To discharge my debt to human beings
And to make some happy
In this world and the next…”

– Emperor Ashoka

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