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Bhavesh Adesh Kathe’s Success story

Bhavesh Adesh
Bhavesh is only 12th pass, which makes it difficult for him to get a job. Born deaf to deaf parents, he has a normal hearing sister. Due to his mother’s job as a helper in Canara Bank, Bahvesh’s family survives solely on her small but stable salary. Through a whats App group (Sophia’s post), Bhavesh learnt about DEEDS. Bhavesh now in Degree College, learnt basic English and is training under DEEDS HRH (Hospitality, Retail and Housekeeping) program. He was explained in detail by the program coordinator about the various programmes running in DEEDS and their benefits. Bhavesh decided to enrol with the HRH course as he feels it would help him secure a good job while he completes his education. Bhavesh’s experience with DEEDS has been positive as he feels the course has helped him improve his basic skills and has promoted a sense of wellbeing. Bhavesh wishes to complete his graduation in commerce stream and also wishes to pursue his hobbies in photography and film making. Today Bhavesh is thankful to DEEDS as he feels the program has helped him grow personally and financially and he will be able to help his family and his sister complete her beautician course.