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Sagar Pawar – Overcoming disability with the help of Technology

Deeds Computer Program designed especially for the deaf students has helped Sagar Pawar, a hearing impaired student, reach where he is today. Sagar, a son of a government officer in the police wanted to support his father, the only earning member supporting his family of four including his paralysed wife and her mounting medical bills. Post his training in English at the Deeds Computer Centre, the Placement team at Deeds helped Sagar secure a job at the Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba as a Data Entry trainee. Sagar is now able to communicate confidently in English with his normal colleagues through sign language. Sagar is happy that the course at the Deeds Centre has helped him become financially independent and provided him with training that would give him a stable career in the long run. He is finally able to support his family and help his father financially.