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Sana’s Story: Hardwork and Determination are the stepping stones to overcome challenges

A hearing impairment, loosing father as a toddler, growing up in a below poverty line household, looking after a sibling who is deaf too were some of the challenges Sana grew up facing. But her determination to study and financially support her mother who worked hard as a housemaid to feed them two meals a day, made Sana join the Deeds College Preparatory Programme, designed special-ly for the hearing imapired. Given her poor background, Deeds has organised to pay her a stipend, that covers her basic travel expenses. This support has made Sana more sincere and dedicated to-wards her studies. The program has certainly awakened the student in her as she has started to se-cure better grades in her subjects and shows keen interest in learning. Sana is keen to complete her graduation despite all odds.